Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pratt Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pratt Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example In addition, it analyses the letter that Guaman Poma wrote to King Philip III. The letter to King Philip III had two parts. The chronicles part of the letter, which the speaker refers to as the ethnography texts, refers to how people describe themselves to representations that people have made of them (Pratt 486). They are contrary to the auto ethnography texts that others construct in response to those texts. These texts merged with indigenous idioms and they often aimed at addressing metropolitan audience as well as the speaker’s own community (Pratt 487). The second half of the letter talks of good governance and justice. At the time, Guzman wrote the letter, there was exploitation of workers insane and the decrease of the labor force hence the encouragement of the system’s reforms. Guaman praises Christians, people with good habits as well as just men. Guaman wrote his text in an empire that was bureaucracy and had no established system of writing (Pratt 491). He manages to write by appropriating and adapting pieces of representational contex t That contact zones were places where the two different communities with different cultures met and interaction took place in a variety of ways. The two communities also carried out trade amongst each other and while the Andreas had gold silver, the Spaniards only had armor and guns. The speaker further says that miss comprehension, misread masterpieces, and incomprehension were some go the perils of writing in the contact zones of the Andres in the 1960s. These perils are still evident in the Trans nationalized United States (Pratt 493). Generally, the speaker talks about writing and literacy in contact zones. Contact zones in the essay refer to a place where different cultures meet and clash in contexts of relations of power such as colonialism, slavery or their aftermath (Pratt 486). The speaker

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