Sunday, January 19, 2020

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TO MY BEST FRIEND Without you, high school would not have been the same. Over the years we have shared so much and built a relationship that is precious and lasting With you I can laugh, I can cry, I can say what’s on my mind or just be silent. With you it’s easy to be me. I remember disagreements....saying things we didnt’ really mean. I also remember that only minutes later we were laughing so hard we cried. Sometimes when life seems difficult...I remember our friendship full of laughter and love. Then I am able to lift my spirits and smile like I know you want me to. The memories we share remind me of how lucky I am to have a best friend like you. People we meet see a little of you in me and a little of me in you. I look at you and my eyes look back, I speak and I hear your voice. We are more than merely’s as if we are cut from the same fabric. We have a common thread that won’t be broken--by people, or years, or distance. We are never at a loss for words. We can talk for hours about nothing at all or communicate the deepest hurt with a single word. With you, speech is effortless and laughter is contagious. You bring love and light, kindness and caring, cheer and support into my life. We do not always see eye to eye....sometimes we take different roads. Our relationship is not always perfect, but when we have a problem it’s surmountable. Sometimes we are the mirror image of each other and other times we couldn’t be more opposite. But because of you I know myself better. I know that if I pick up the phone you’ll be there. If I need help, you’ll give it to me twofold. If I start to go down the wrong path, you’ll lead me the right way. There’s no end to what you do for me and I want you to kow I’ll do the same for you. Thank you for listening without judging and for giving advice without pushing. Thank you for helping me gain confidence in myself to stand alone--and for letting me know you’ll always be there. The greatest part about being best friends is sharing ourselves. Having our own interests, but always communicating. Striving to meet our own goals, but never losing sight of one another. Living our own lives, but always remaining connected. You and I have so many share my history. You remember where I’ve been, respect who I’ve become and encourage me

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